ABOUT US - Message from the Principal

Welcome to Inverleigh Primary School,

                    My name is Peter Kirby and I am delighted to be the Principal of a fine school like Inverleigh. I have been here since 1995 and have seen many changes over that time of staff, students and physical buildings The staff, students and parents are proud of their school and what we stand for.

We all believe and understand that we are the custodians of a great school and a wonderful tradiiton in this town - the school has bene here since 1865. As such our role is to leave this school a better place than when we arrived in it and this applies from the Principal to our newest Preps. We are all just passing through and becomng part of the rich history of the school.

The teaching staff is of a high calibre and the parent community is supportive and enthusiastic about their child's educational opportunities. Above all though, our children are fine young people whose progress and developmement is our priority. Inverleigh is a great place for children to learn, develop and mature.

At Inverleigh we believe emphatically in the right of every child to learn and exist in an environment free from distraction that is safe and engaging. Children are expected to be engaged with and in their learning and to work consistently to be their best. They are positively encouraged to challenge their own achievements to be the best that they can be. This is both in the classroom and outside, encompassing their academic outcomes, physical outsome and social/emotional development. Our focus is on Literacy and Numeracy with the inclusion of all other key learning areas. We have an emphasis on Physical Education and sport and expect active students at recess and lunch. We believe a healthy body supports an active mind within the context of a socially interactive environment that encorages collaborative play whilst recognising the value of competition.

We have happy children who appreciate the value of hard work and the rewards that flow from it. Excellence of effort and attitude is the foundation upin which all successful outcomes are built and Inverleigh Primary School.

You are welcome to contact the school by email, phone or personally at any time to talk over enrolments or any other matters. Visits are always welcome, simply ask for the Principal - I always like to talk personally with new parents and show them around individually.

Peter Kirby