All parents are eligible for membership and are urged to consider participating in our School Council. We have at least 8 School Council meetings per year, usually 2 per term. School Councillors provide a line of communication from the school community and have valuable skills that can help share the direction of the school.

School Council elections are held each year in March. Parents can nominate themselves or nominate another parent. Please consider nominating yourself as it allows you to learn more about the school and have input as a parent representative into our school planning. In the event that the number of nominations is more than the number of vacancies, a ballot will be required.


Our School Council Members are:-

Ben Erwin                         President

Kon Blersch

Scott Brown                     Treasurer

Alastair Goodman

Chris Kondos

Campbell Brumby

Georgia Quill                    Vice President

Nicola Orr                         PFA Representative

Peter Kirby                       Principal

Sharon Baker                   DET Representative

Caitlin Condie                  DET Representative

Krystal Clarke                  DET Representative