Bonjour! My name is Melissa Watson and I am very pleased to be teaching our Inverleigh students French this year! I also work at Bannockburn College and am very lucky to be visiting Inverleigh twice a week to teach our enthusiastic and talented children. I have been teaching languages (French and Indonesian) for 17 years and have a passion for engaging children and equipping them with the skills required to communicate effectively in their language.

 We are currently working on topics such as animals, actions (verbs), and likes and dislikes. Within the classroom space we use actions linked to words which help facilitate language acquisition. This is a proven method of accelerating student’s language learning and helps engage them in their activities. We also use ICT, games and gesture based activities to build listening skills, along with varied written and spoken activities to build confidence and competence.

We also have a French Mascot, Madame Moo, who will be visiting the homes of our G 1/2 students during the year – the children are most excited!! Our junior classes have also been introduced to Bof (un dragon) who shares some class time and enjoys rewarding our students for their focus, team work and effort. 

We look forward to sharing our work with you throughout the year! Merci! Madame Watson (Melissa Watson).