PROGRAMS - Grade 3 - 6

The Grade 3 to 6 classes all work closely together. The staff work in each unit during Mathematics, Reading and Writing lessons during the first three hours of the day. Other subjects taught in the afternoons include Art, French, Inquiry (combining Economics, Geography, History and Social Capabilities), Music, Physical Education and Science.

Students in Grades 3-6 use school owned iPads to support their learning across all curriculum areas.
The use of iPads in our classrooms encourage:  - Creativity and innovation
                                                                             - Communication and collaboration
                                                                             - Research and information fluency
                                                                             - Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
                                                                             - Digital citizenship - Technology operations and concepts. 

The camping program is a highlight for students in the 3-6 Unit with each year level attending a different camp with other local schools.
This year students will be attending:

Year 3- Angahook (Wednesday 7th August- Friday 9th August)
Year 4- Anglesea (Wednesday 6th November- Friday 8th November)
Year 5- Maldon (Tuesday 23rd July- Friday 26th July)
Year 6- Melbourne (Monday 21st October- 25th October)