PROGRAMS - Junior School Council

The Junior School Council is a group of students who work together in decision-making, leading change and providing opportunities to develop their leadership and citizenship skills. These students will discuss issues concerning students, the school community and ways of improving our school.

In Term 1 the Grade 6 students who wished to be a part of this team wrote a short application responding to two key questions, ‘Why do you want to be a part of the Junior School Council Team?’ and ‘What would you bring to the team?’ Caitlin Erwin, Harriet Quick and Miss Kitchin worked as a team and carefully read through each application and selected 6 other students that were to join the team. Mr. Kirby, Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Barnewall also had a part in this process.

The Junior School Council are very excited for their first task as a team. They look forward to sharing what they have been working on later this term.


Congratulations to the Grade 6 Junior School Council representatives of 2018!